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Thursday, 1 September 2016

62 Years Oprah Winfrey Is Planning To Marry Her Boyfriend Stedman, 30 Years Later

Oprah Winfrey has had a change of heart and is reportedly getting married to her long-time partner, Stedman Graham, after 30 years together.
The pair who have been together since the mid-80s will finally legalize their union with a date down the aisle in a romantic ceremony.
According to a source close to the couple, the proposal was nothing grand as it allegedly happened over breakfast and Stedman thought the media mogul was joking when she said yes.
“Oprah was making breakfast for Stedman when he casually made a joke about getting married, and it suddenly dawned on her how Stedman has never asked her for anything or pressured her in any way, and how she’s been able to do whatever she wants.”“That’s when Oprah connected the dots and realized it was her turn to show how much she cares about what he wants. I heard she said yes, and Stedman couldn’t believe it. He thought she was joking with him!”
Plans are underway in full gear for the big day with a private estate in Maui billed as the venue for the ceremony.
“Everything with them is always very hush-hush, but the wedding will most likely be at Oprah’s private estate in Maui which is picture-perfect for a romantic ceremony.”
“Oprah plans to fly everybody out to Maui at her own expense.”
Gayle King- Oprah’s best friend is also on hand to serve as maid of honour and will be walking the soon-to-be-bride down the aisle as cited by this report.
Oprah, 61, had stated in 1991 that she did not require a piece of paper to make her union with Stedman anymore binding but reportedly changed her stance.
She decided to say yes because she wants to make her man of over 3 decades happy given that Stedman wants to be married to her.

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