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Sunday, 21 May 2017

I Go Dye’s Mum Mansion Valued at 5.4 Million Dollars ($)

Last Sunday, I Go Dye unveiled the spectacular mansion he built for his mum and Nigerians have been curious of the estimated value of the mansion.
  The Golden Eyes castle is situated at Amb. Francis Agoda Virgin Island, while the almost completed Royal Golden seal is seated at Amb Francis Agoda sugar land, both castles have attracted many onlookers who are fascinated with the lavishness of the buildings.
Potpourri’s investigation has revealed the estimated value of the mansions built by the comedian.
According to an architect/ estate developer Wale Balogun
  “one cannot presume knowledge of accurate sight alone’ but from the structural design and fortification of the castle in question here, both properties will be estimated to the tune of 5.4 million dollars.
Potpourri further learnt that both castles were contracted to a French company Monreve, which handled all the sculptural and concrete enforcement while Revamp Construction Company owned by the comedian,handled the building of the castfles.
“The Golden Eyes which was presented to his mum last Sunday has a unique customized golden sculptured face moulded in the image of his grand mum, Queen Agnes who nurtured him as a young kid,” Lilian Akpomene a close friend to the comedian told Potpourri.
“Indeed this edifice has a monumental standard, which will out live contemporary designs of today and a long time to come. If the essence of a home is just to sleep, I guess a home structurally built as a castle, as a gift to express gratitude for love, is really meant to reflect the true value of what mothers mean to the world,” she added.
The comedian had previously shared photos of the amazing ‘Golden Eyes’ mansion.

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