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Friday, 26 May 2017

Story Time; Anini Reloaded Episode 4

With the ginger spirit in us we were able to harvest
all the cassava as promised, and quickly rushed to
the man’s house to inform him. He was not
convinced at all and decided to go and see for
himself, reaching there he discovered we were done
and congratulated us for a job well done.
I expected the man to pay us for the job we did
rather he was greeting us with lot of thanks.
Having less patience, I was forced to asked for our
pay which he gave to me after smiling for some
minutes. I took the weak notes from him and
started flipping them, while counting the money I
realised there was extra five thousand naira added
to it, I recounted it and arrived at thirty-five
thousand naira again.
As a good Christian I told the old man that he has
over paid us but he said he added the extra five
thousand as an appreciation that we should have it
I was really pleased and told Lucky to join me and
pack the harvested cassava to the man’s house
with wheelbarrow which wasn’t part of our
We finally finished in the man’s farm late that
night, and rushed back home with happiness.
Reaching home my mum was on the floor lying
helplessly covered with cloth, I asked her what the
problem was but she couldn’t speak audibly.
“Joy told me she fell down while trying to set up
fire wood meant for cooking, and since then she
could not stand up. Hearing this got me scared and
went in search of a cab that can take us to any
hospital around but couldn’t find any.
Lucky and I carried her in turns on our back to the
general hospital since there was no motorcycle or
taxi to use.
– – – –
The nurses on duty assisted us at the gate with a
stretcher and took my mum in. They fixed drip on
her immediately and in an hour’s time she regained
herself, I was told to pay #20,000 for laboratory
test and the emergency treatment that was given to
A lady came, took her blood sample and after some
time, the doctor also came in and told us to go
home and come back the next day.
There is no way i can leave my mum in the hospital
alone, so I ask Joy to stay behind and left with
– – – –
Lucky and I went to the hospital the next day to
see my mum. She was really pleased to see us but
seeing her in that state on an hospital bed made
tears dripped down my cheeks. I excused myself
from their midst and went to the doctor’s office.
I got to the office and met the doctor attending to
some files;
ME: Good morning doctor
DOC: Good morning my friend, your are welcome to
my office, how may I help you?
ME: I’m the son of Mrs. Ayis Rosemary, one of your
DOC: Ohhh, you mean the woman that was brought
in yesterday night?
ME: Yes sir
DOC: I’m sorry to say this but your mum’s issue is
a very complicated one. She had tumors developing
in the inner lining (myometrium) of her uterus which
has now resulted to Submucosal fibroid. Secondly
her sugar level is also high that if care is not taken
it will lead to diabetes type-1.
ME: Can’t something be done?
DOC: We are trying our best and I believe she will
be discharged today depending on her response to
treatment, but I will advise you to take her to UBTH
(University of Benin Teaching Hospital) for fibroid
operation otherwise she might give up. According to
the ultrasound and pelvic MRI test done by our
gynecologist, her uterus has grown tumors that are
quite large and may cause severe abdominal pain,
increased urination, and pains during intercourse i.e
that is if she still engage in coition/copulation.
ME: can’t we do the operation here?
DOC: For the now, we do not have steady power
and some instruments needed for the operation.
That is why I recommended UBTH.
ME: Thank you doctor, but how much will it cost?
DOC: Its a minor operation however people do pass
away in the course of carrying out the operation but
I assure you that your mum will be okay, just raise
ME: Okay sir, I’ll look for a way to get the money.
I left the doctor’s office to the ward where my mum
was, we stayed with her all day until she was
Just for my mother’s sake, my siblings engaged in
several work that gave them peanuts while I kept
on searching for a better job.
— — — —
Weeks past, Months past but still I could not get
any job that will fetch me good money apart from
the sales boy work of Ten thousand naira salary.
I manage to do the sales boy work for just a month,
and was forced to give up the job because of the
extra stress it has, and settled for jobs that will pay
me daily.
Thank God my mum and siblings were fine and we
could eat two square meal each day that passed.
One fateful morning I was clearing the grasses in a
chief’s compound when I saw a friend of mine;
ME: Ogheneovo is this you
OVO: It’s me oo, why are you like this? (seeing me
ME: My brother you know how the country is, ever
since I came back from school things have been
very hard for me.
OVO: No, you have to go to the city with me so I
can fix you somewhere, a graduate like you
deserves something better na! Not this kind of job
you are doing.
ME: You mean I am going with you?
OVO: Yes, you did alot for me while we were in
secondary school so I think this is the only chance
I have to pay back.
ME: Well I really appreciate, and have to inform my
mum for her approval
OVO: That is fine by me, I have to go complete a
business transaction with chief.
ME: okay (feeling relief)
Ogheneovo went into the chief’s house to see him
and gave me his contact to call him the next day if
I made up my mind to go with him, that he would
leave for Lagos in three days time.

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