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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Story Time:Anini Episode 2

As early as 7am I was already searching for a job in
my community and its environs.
I couldn’t sleep at night due to thinking, about my
family’s predicament. I trekked everywhere from
company to company, and one office to another
with my well sown suit and file in my hand,
sweating profusely.
After all attempts in each office failed, I decided to
rest in a small shop where I bought fanta and
started sipping it slowly until I would gain strength
to move on. This time i planned to visit the nearby
developed town called Ughelli.
I was insanely taken away with the remembrance of
my Late Father, as i stared at a man who came to
the store to get a bottled water.
I haven’t even talked about my father, let me just
give a brief information about him. Did I say brief?
My old man’s story file is large, Occupying more
than 10gig in my hard-disk (cerebrum).
— — —
My dad was a very generous Banker, he was the
only child of his mother but had a step brother
because his dad (my grandfather) married another
woman since his mum (my grandmother) could not
conceive anymore as a result of a critical accident
she had. She later died of cardiac arrest. With God
on my dad’s side, he became successful in his
education, finished with good grades and got a nice
job as a banker the very year he graduated. He got
married to my mother who was his girlfriend during
his school days. Things went well with him and he
was promoted to the post of the general managing
director in ICglobal which was the bank he worked,
he started doing charity to everyone he came
across and also to his step brother.
He did everything for his step brother Mr. Jude who
didn’t go to school but learned to be a mechanic
as an apprentice, in his youthful days. He gave
Uncle Jude money to start up a business of
importation of cars and other goods.
My dad built a befitting house in Lagos where we
lived, and a small duplex in the village. I was in
JSS3 attending one of the best schools in Lagos
when my dad died after returning home from his
step brother’s house. He was taken to the hospital
and the doctor told us he was poisoned with
cyanide and dichloromethane which had eaten up
his heart and liver.
We couldn’t question uncle Jude as he was very
fast with his moves, he accused my mum of killing
his brother and packed us out of my father’s
house. He converted all my father’s property to his
own and left us stranded. My mum managed to
train my siblings and I with the money my dad
deposited in her account every month, and when it
got finished, we relocated to the village as she
couldn’t afford to pay the rent anymore.
An ancient mud house was given to us by Uncle
Jude since he has denied us right to stay in my
father’s duplex in the village.
Back to my dad’s burial, he made sure my dad
stayed in the mortuary for 10months without any
good reason, and after that he bought a casket
worth one million which my dad was buried with,
and threw dollars all about during the burial. Uncle
Jude claimed he gave my dad a befitting burial.
After the burial he gave my mum #1,000 to use in
training us for the year, and come back the next
year for another yearly allowance of #1,000
*Mtcheeeeeeeww* seems I have to stop here
because am about crying.
— — —
All the components of my makeup as a human were
covered with frustration and anger, as I paid the
annoying young girl who was hitting my head to
wake up from my trance and start going. She even
ended up calling me a poor man wearing coat
*The tin pain me sha but I swallowed it, especially
when she referred to my expensive suit which i
used in defending my seminar as coat*
She wasn’t up to my younger sister’s age, so I
decided to keep her quiet just to avoid temptation
of committing murder…
I left her without altering a single word and went to
the road side, to get a cab that will take me to
Ughelli town to continue my quest. Thank God there
was still time for me since it was exactly 11:23am,
I still had up to 5hours to move round Ughelli which
had big companies compared to the rest cities
around my village….

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