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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Story Time:Anini Episode1

Episode 1
Its a nice thing to be a graduate I thought as I
proudly jumped off the bus I boarded all the way
from Ile-Ife in Osun State where my school was, to
my home town.
The journey was time exhausting as it took us five
good hours to arrive in Delta State. I wasn’t
comfortable with the gazes thrown at me as I
crossed the major road to get a bike that will take
me to my house, I guessed the NYSC camouflage I
wore dragged the attention of many people to me.
Most of the village girls winked at me seductively…
I didn’t mind as I smiled at them and hastily
climbed onto one of the packed bikes, the bike man
agreed to take me to my house at a fee of #50.
–************ —
Getting home I saw my younger sister Joy removing
the dirt from beans while singing, she couldn’t hold
herself when she saw me on the bike. She quickly
put the tray of beans on the floor and rushed to
me. She jumped on me, if not because of my
strength as a man, I would have fallen to the
ground because I was very tired as I had not eaten
all day.
I could see the happiness in her eyes and was really
glad to see her healthy and grown up **5yrs away
from home nor be child’s play oo, forget say I dey
talk to them on phone, especially after receiving
money from my mum i always called to thank her
and my siblings for all their efforts and
contributions to raised the money** . she carried
my box inside and started shouting mama!!!
I walked behind her with a small bag and a
polythene bag which contained the bread I bought
for them. Before I could get in, my mum blocked me
at the door with a glamorous smile and she sang
and danced holding my hands and touching my
face, like a blind woman. I danced along with her
and behold my younger brother came in to join the
celebration after a brotherly hug with me. Our
sitting room was filled with joy as we all danced to
the songs my mum sang.
We finally settled on the chair. My younger sister
(Joy) saw my legs as the best seat she could find
in the house, her weight was wow! She even feel
relaxed on my lap, forgetting she was by now a
fully mature woman.
ME: Mama oo! Imagine small Joy of yesterday now
having a weight compared to sack of garri
MUM: Don’t you know she is a woman now, you
expect her to remain the small girl she was before
you left (Joy helping mother to complete the
JOY: Brother Eli! I’m 17yrs old now oo, if not for
money I am supposed to be writing waec with my
mates who are writing now (the fact that she is
not writing the SSCE made me sad)
ME: Don’t worry Joy, by Gods grace next year
you’ll sit for the exams okay? If I get a nice paying
job in time, then you will enrol waec gce this year.
JOY: Okay bros
ME: What about you Lucky?
LUCKY: *paled face* Am not happy at all oo, I
managed to save money to buy jamb form, I sat for
it and I scored 286. But there was no money to buy
the post utme form of my two preferred institutions,
mama and Joy managed to raise #2,500 but it was
not enough. I had no other option but to meet uncle
Jude, but he said he did not have anything rather
he gave me #50 to add to the one mummy and Joy
ME: Uncle Jude will never change. Well, you will still
buy the form my brother, let me see what I can do
LUCKY: The form is no longer on sale, it got expired
last week, I have to give the money to mama and
she has been using it to cook for us.
ME: Okay, don’t worry my brother ,all will be fine. I
will get a job soon, since I am a graduate with first
class upper you all will enjoy and I promise to
sponsor you and Joy to any level. Mama stop
crying it is well
MUM: Its not well oo, I can’t see you all in pain and
accept the fact that all is well, even my stomach is
aching me all day that I barely go to the farm since
last month, the doctor said its stomach ulcer. The
last money I sent to you came from all my
expensive wrappers which I sold to Mama
Valentine, at a cheaper rate.
ME: Mama your son is here now, so stop worrying
yourself, you will be fine and I promise to replace
MUM: I know you have a pure heart and will make
your siblings and I smile. That is why I took the
load on my head and forced your younger ones to
go out there and work hard by selling things for
people and doing other petty jobs. Sorry my son i
know you must be hungry, I cooked ogbiyokpo soup
with fresh bitter leaf, let me go and serve you (its
just as if my mum knew my present state, I was
really famished)
We all ate together happily and after the meal, I
went straight to my small room in the hut, to
arrange a well written application letter and all my
documents including my CV (Curriculum Vitae)
needed to secure a good job.
I had a great task before me to tackle and that was
my family well being, the only way out was to look
for a job and take full responsibility of the family

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