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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Story Time:Anini Reloaded Episode 3

Episode 3
I arrived Ughelli about 15 minutes later and went to
many companies but I was not employed by any. I
was opportuned to meet the director of a popular
private company known as ‘cake and bakes’ who
ushered me in knowing that I finished from OAU
which was the school he also attended during his
days in higher institution, he offered me a seat and
requested for my credentials which I gave to him;
DIRECTOR: My friend, I must confess you have
good qualification here and good reputation as well.
(Smiling as he glance through)
ME: Thank you sir (with a returned smile, sampling
my 32)
DIRECTOR: There is a vacancy in this firm which I
would have loved you to occupy but, the problem is
that you are over qualified for that position and I
can’t afford your salary
ME: Sir, I’m not after the money, anything you can
pay will be okay by me Sir, if possible you can beat
it down to 50%
DIRECTOR: It is not as you think, I went to the
same school with you and managed to graduate
with second class lower but here you are a first
class upper graduate, and you want to receive
something four times lower than what I am
earning? My friend I have conscience and so I can’t
do that
ME: Sir, see eh! I will be okay with even the money
you are paying your cleaners, all I need is just the
job so I can take care of my family
DIRECTOR: We are saying the same thing, the world
needs you. There are thousands of firms out there
that are looking for someone like you, maybe you
should check some other place
ME: Sir please, I will be very content with anything
you pay me.
DIRECTOR: I’m sorry but I have an appointment to
catch up with, just give a try at Julius berger or any
of the Dangote companies. They can meet up with
your payment (leaving the office by leading me to
the door)
I tried other companies both big and small but my
effort was to no avail. I decided to go back home
and rest, planing to continue the next day.
— — — —
Got home and saw my entire family eating, I
dropped my file on the chair and sat down
They knew all was not well with me;
MUM: My son, what is the problem with you?
ME: Mama nothing is the problem
MUM: But you don’t look bright
ME: I’m just tired ma’am
MUM: Please come and eat, this is the only yam
and oil that is remaining. biko mo riemu **I beg
come and eat**
ME: Don’t worry about me mama, I don’t have
appetite for food right now.
I left the sitting room to my room just to have a
nap since my muscle, joints and entire body ached…
I woke up late that night and went to the sitting
room where I found my mum encouraging my
siblings as I joined them willingly. She told us to be
patient that Gods time is the best and encouraged
us to bear with the hard time the family was facing.
As soon as she rounded off her motherly advise, we
prayed together as if we wanted to fall down
heaven with our demands and bade each other
good night…
— — — —
The next day being Saturday I went out as usual to
search for job but it wasn’t fruitful, what pains me
most was the fact that my mum’s health was
getting worse. There was no money to get her even
pain relief drugs which would not cost more than
one hundred naira in our local chemist shop, let
alone going to the hospital. I had to do something
fast, because I could not afford losing her since she
was the only parent I have.
That evening I went round the town and saw a man
who was in need of labourers that would help him
harvest his cassava.
“I told him I could do the job myself, but he insisted
I add more hands to myself. I ran home and called
Lucky so we could both do the job. We went back
to the man and promised to get the job done before
the end of the day, he agreed to pay us twenty
thousand naira only if we could finish the work that
day. We nodded our heads in agreement that we
would keep to our promise.
He finally agreed to give us the job and took us to
the land which made us surprised, five acres of land
which is hundred by five hundred (100 x 500)
covered with cassava….
Well with the spirit of hustling in us we agreed to
do the job but for thirty thousand naira. The old
man agreed to our bid which boasted our Morales,
we pulled off our clothes to get the job started at
least we got 4 hours till nightfall…

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