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Thursday, 1 June 2017

House Of Secrets – Part 11

He wondered who was trying to kill him, had Helen found out about his affair with Rose? But he quickly dismissed the thought, Helen had acted very fine, she was happy, even the way she spoke with her husband while he drove them showed nothing had changed about her, or had her husband been the one?
‘You’re late’ the blogger spoke without looking up as Nelson neared his table. Nelson had finally decided to meet with him, and he suggested a hidden venue for the meeting.
‘Tell me what I want to hear and be quick’ Nelson pulled a chair backwards and slid in.
‘Oh, don’t be too fast, we have a lot to talk about’ Kachi lit a cigarette.
‘What do you want from me? Why can’t you face your stupid blog and leave me the hell alone’ Nelson scowled.
‘Uhhmmm, remember I have your secret, so you should mind the way you talk to me’ Kachi pointed his index finger in warning.
‘Why are you doing this? No one would believe you, so whatever game you’re on is not going to work, just stop it right now’ Nelson advised.
‘You’re sleeping with your boss’ wife, it’s been going on for years, I know this for sure and I have proof, if you’re willing to work with me, I promise not to expose you, but if you fail, I shall leak all videos of your love making and don’t ask me how I got them’ Kachi smiled satisfactorily as he saw the fear on Nelson’s face.
‘How did you know this’? Nelson’s heart pounded against his chest.
‘That’s because I am a blogger, we love to buy and sell information’ Kachi replied.
‘So tell me about the person trying to kill me, maybe after that I’d consider working with you’ Nelson said.
‘You really think you have an option do you? Now look at these’ Kachi handed him an envelope.
‘What’s inside’? Nelson was afraid to open it.
‘Go on, open it’ Kachi said.
‘Shtt! What’s all these? Why do you want to ruin my life’? Nelson shivered as he watched the pictures of Helen and himself kissing unclad.
‘Now sit still and listen to every word I say, I promise not to expose you if you obey my every word’ Kachi ordered.
‘Just tell me what you want’ it dawned on Nelson that he had no choice but to comply.
‘I need you to spy for me, I need information about the Ita family’ Kachi started.
Kachi Romeo had relocated to the city of Calabar many years back, he’d beed drawn to Pastor Ita’s ministry and even had a crush on his daughter but Rose rebuffed him strongly, he’d taken it in good faith knowing a girl from such a high class could never settle for him but he never knew the real reason behind her rejection.
‘There was a maid working for the Ita’s, I have not seen or heard from her for months now, she worked very closely with me and I paid her handsomely for it, but she just vanished, her phones are not reachable and I have a strong feeling something bad happened to her in that house’ Kachi added.
He’d picked interest in a certain young girl in church, she was meek and good humored, he later found out she was the Pastor’s maid, that got him more interested in the friendship, he still yearned for Rose’s attention and he begged her to put in a good word for him, that was when the curtains fell apart.
‘You can never have her, please forget about her and find someone else’ Grace’s mood had quickly changed at the mention of Rose.
‘Why? Does she have someone’? he asked.
‘No, not that, it’s just that, she’s…I’m sorry we should not talk about my employer’s daughter’ Grace evaded the subject.
Her behavior that day had triggered his curiosity, he pressured her till she began to open up about the Ita’s.
 He couldn’t believe it, that a father would sleep with his own daughter, it disgusted him more than anything else, but they had no proof. Grace had planned to take pictures of the evil pastor and his daughter but she never showed up again.
‘Grace? So it was Grace that was your snitch? Oh my God, I’m doomed’ Nelson rose to his feet. 
 If Grace was truly Romeo’s snitch, it meant they had S£x videos of himself and Helen, if they were to be released, the scandal would be enormous.
‘Yes, and I paid her more than her employers ever did, the Ita family are a bunch of fakers just like most families of our religious leaders, I intend to make a big story out of everything, you’ll be rich if you work with me, all I need is your co-operation’ Kachi said.
‘What do you want me to do’? Nelson exhaled, he was a trapped animal and he needed to find escape by all means possible.
‘Are you aware the Pastor Is having an affair’? Kachi raised his brows.
‘Not really except for the photoshopped pictures you sent to me last weekend of him and some girl kissing’ Nelson replied. What was he getting at?
‘What makes you think the picture was photoshopped? You see the problem with Nigerians is this, you’re all too gullible, you see these men of God as actual gods and in fallible, all perfect and invincible but you’re all wrong’ Kachi reached out for his phone.
‘Well, I don’t know if he’s faithful or not, what does that have to do with me’? Nelson frowned.
‘He’s having an affair with Rose’ Kachi paused and watched his face.
‘Rose? Who’s Rose’? Nelson wondered.
‘His daughter’ Kachi replied and Nelson burst out laughing.
‘It’s okay, I didn’t believe it too but it’s real, Grace never lied to me’ Kachi was slightly pissed by his laughter.
‘You’re a good comedian, why don’t you change jobs? Seriously, you mean the pastor is Bleeping his own daughter? And his sneaky wife don’t know about it? Come on man, stop being paranoid’ Nelson rose to his feet, obviously the blogger had nothing else important to say.
‘Sit down Nelson, we aren’t finished’ he drawled.
‘Sorry Kachi or Romeo or whatever you call yourself, I would not be part of this stupid game, as for the pictures, you’re free to release them, what do I care? But I think you are a coward, you would’ve released them if you really want to’ Nelson replied and swirled round, ready to walk away.
‘You never asked about your enemy’ Kachi’s eyes gleamed wickedly.
‘Who is my enemy’? Nelson quickly turned round.
‘The woman you’re sleeping with’ 

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