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Thursday, 1 June 2017

House Of Secrets – Part 12

What are you doing here? don’t you know this is very risky’? Helen couldn’t fathom the foolishness of his action.
‘I’m so sorry Madam but I had to knowing the operation failed, I came here to explain everything and to warn you’ Oliver replied.
‘Warn me’? that got her. She had not used thugs before, but she had their contacts long before now, she knew Nelson would become a threat, that was why she needed to eliminate him.
‘Someone knows about our deal’ Oliver paused and scanned around, they’d decided to meet in her garden.
‘What are you talking about? I gave you and your boys directives via phone so how would anyone suspect that’? Helen wondered.
‘We don’t have any answers to that, but someone sent us a message and I think you should read it, it’s like a warning, I think you should give up on this guy for now, lay low’ Oliver advised and showed her the text.
‘What’s this’ Helen backed away from the man, what was happening?
‘I think there’s a snitch living under your roof, monitoring your every movement, I have to go now, just be careful’ he replied.
‘My God, this isn’t happening’ she pressed her hands on her beating chest. She had never felt such fear not even while they were burying Grace. Someone had been tailing her and she had to know who.
‘Nelson!’ she considered but she shook her head, she had sent her daughter to go call him while she made the call to the thugs, so it couldn’t be Nelson.
‘Oh my God, that girl is leaving my house tonight’ Helen realized it could be the maid, but her heart insisted it was her lover boy.
‘Someone is coming’ Oliver whispered.
‘Yes, I need your help Oliver, this last time’ she replied before he ran deeper into the garden.
‘Darling…’ she heard his voice, the voice that once turned her on but was now a sound she dreaded.
‘Nelson, you scared me’ she gasped.
‘I’m sorry, I miss you so much and I just want to be here for you, I know what you’re passing through’ he warmed up to her.
‘Thanks Nelson,I have to sleep now’ Helen replied.
‘You know what? I know something that could make you relax real good, do you know what that is’? Nelson caressed her face. He had his plans, he had to know the truth, what if the blogger was lying?
‘Baby, we shouldn’t do this here, what if someone sees us’? Helen whimpered.
‘It’s late and I bet your kids are asleep, the gateman is asleep, so this garden is all ours’ Nelson slipped his hands under her clothes.
‘Nelson….’ She moaned and couldn’t resist his touch, this was definitely their last.
‘Oh my God…’ I whispered as I hid in the garden. Helen had walked out with her visitor two hours earlier and Mark and Rose had gone to bed, I was the last person awake so I was curious, why was she still outside?
I was only concerned about her wellbeing, that was why I left for the garden, only to find her in an amorous conversation with Nelson and I felt disgusted by the sight of it.
Did Mark know about this? I wondered, then it dawned on me, the words of the note were beginning to make sent.
‘A house of secrets’ I repeated the words and pressed my hand against my beating chest.
How could a pastor’s wife, a famous one for that matter sleep with her personal driver? I had a strong urge to puke as their groans became louder.
Grace must have known about it and I guessed that was her reason for eloping without notice, I realized.
What if she didn’t elope? What if they killed her to protect this secret? I thought to myself and got scared. I now understood why she was so afraid to see me when I showed up unannounced on her veranda, she must have feared it was Grace that had returned to spill her secret.
‘No’ I panicked, I was really being naïve, if this woman knew that her maid had an idea that she was having an affair, she would kill her to end it all.
‘Oh my God’ my breathing increased as I recalled the way she treated me on that day, like I was a ghost, that was why she poured sand on me.
I was in trouble and I needed a way out, I now wished I had listened to my mother, how could I bear the burden of this heavy secret? Who could I tell? Like Grace, I made up my mind to elope first thing in the morning.
I couldn’t take it anymore, so I sneaked and found a way out of the garden, I needed to pack my bags.
‘You were so good baby’Nelson smacked her Buttocks and squeezed it, he was fully sated and now had enough strength to think, why would Helen want him dead?
‘Thanks’ she forced a smile and touched his face lightly.
‘So, we should do it in the garden next time, what do you think? It’s so awesome here’ Nelson suggested.
‘Nelson…’ she called him gently and rose to her feet fully dressed.
‘Yes baby’ he answered.
‘This is the last time, we should stop seeing each other for our own good’ Helen said flatly.
‘What? Why? I’m I not good enough? Don’t I satisfy you? Why would you want to break up with me’? his heart raced as he watched her face, she truly had changed, she looked fierce and indifferent, he prayed the blogger wasn’t right cause women like Helen could be very dangerous.
‘Just get that into your thick skull, this is over, if you want to keep your job, then behave’ Helen replied and was about walking away when he made a statement that made her froze.
‘I’m going to tell your husband, I’ll tell everyone about us’ Nelson started, he needed to see her reaction.
‘Really? What exactly would you tell him huh’? she scoffed and turned towards him.
‘I’ll also tell him about the human hand we found when we made love in Grace’s room, I’m sure the police would be very much pleased’ he sneered at her but his plans failed, Helen’s eyes were unreadable, she was still composed.
‘Good, you’re free to tell the world anything you like but that can only happen if you’re still alive’ Helen replied and laughed wickedly.
‘So you really want me dead’? Nelson scoffed.
‘You’re already dead’ she smiled and walked away.
Her confidence scared him, so Romeo was right? Helen had sent some men after him, he was filled with fear and decided to pack and run as fast as he could but he wasn’t quick enough.
He felt a cold object behind his back and he froze.
‘Hello Nelson’ Oliver pulled the trigger and he fell to the floor.
‘Good work Oliver, now find a place and fix his body, write a note in his name, so it looks like he ran away because he felt guilty about the accident’ Helen reappeared with a bottle of scotch.
‘Why don’t we leave the body here and you call the police and make up a story of robbers? You know how greedy the police are?’ Oliver suggested.
‘No, that’s risky and stressful, this is the best way out’ Helen replied and poured herself a drink.

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