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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Hens dressed in cute vests

A flock of chickens tasked with greeting guests at a Scotland bed and breakfast now don reflective vests to make sure cars spot them as they cross the road.
Louise Lennox, owner of the Glenshieling House in the Southern Highlands, tells Inside Edition that the 14 hens are free to roam their 3-acre property. While most of the hens stay in the garden area, Nikola enjoys going out on to the driveway and into the road.
To keep Nikola safe, Lennox purchased a set of reflective vests online for the entire brood of hens, which have been dubbed the Glenshieling Girls.
“The hens are very happy to wear them because they’re specially designed for chickens,” Lennox told InsideEdition.com. “It doesn’t interfere with their movement in the wings and they don’t overheat. In Scottish winters, it provides a bit of insulation.”
She said she hopes the reflective vests will help cars slow down as they spot a chicken crossing the road, or catch her neighbors’ eye if a hen tries to waddle away.
“Usually, all I need to do is go out and call [Nikola] and she will come running back up the road,” Lennox said.
She and her husband Richard took over the bed and breakfast for a change in pace from their stressful lives, she explained.
As they reviewed the business plan, they wanted to offer more than just a run-of-the-mill menu, and decided to build a chicken coop so guests could enjoy fresh eggs in the morning.
Lennox said the hens soon became the hit of the house.
“They like to come into the house, so when guests arrive, they love to see the hens and they’re always surprised by how friendly the hens are,” she said. “The hens will gather at their feet and knock on the glass. They’re very popular with all the guests.”
The hens even come when she calls them.
“They do find a place in your heart and you do get quite attached to them,” Lennox said. “They’re gorgeous. They look like little Muppets.”

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