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Sunday, 1 October 2017

“Wizkid is greater than Fela” — Twitter debates.

The spirit of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, who died on 2 August 1997, has been trending on Twitter, following comparison between him and Nigeria’s Wizkid.
The immediate trigger for the comparison was the sold-out concert of Wizkid at the Royal Albert Hall in London, with some Wizkid fans jumping to the conclusion that Wizkid must be the greatest musician ever to emerge from Nigeria.
Not so, said many posts on Twitter, most of whom said it was aberrational and outrightly disrespectful to compare Fela with Wizkid.

Here are ten tweets on the debate
1. Amigo @PapazLagos:
Stop disrespecting Fela by comparing him to Wizkid, That’s a legend who took Africa to the world when there was no social media nor internet
2. Cinderella Man @Osi_Suave:
Fela was way more than a musician. Fela was culture Fela was activism. Ferdinand @Burmese_Tyga Fela didnt become greatest Saxophonist in Africa, stood for the people, had his mum thrown of the balcony for u to compare him to Wizkid.
3. DaddyMo @officialdaddymo::/strong>
Comparing Wizkid and Fela is intellectual bankruptcy. Don’t do it.There are other topics you can engage in for mental stimulation.
4. Isima @IsimaOdeh
Sir Paul McCartney sold over 1 BILLION albums with The Beatles. He came to Nigeria to beg Fela for a collaboration, Fela said no. Motown executives traveled to Nigeria & offered him $1m to be signed to Michael Jackson’s former label, he said no.
Which Wizkid are you people comparing to Fela? the Wizkid that cannot last a day in cell, talk less of jail abi another Wizkid
6. Ferdinand @Burmese_Tyga:
Cant blame these generation tho! Music done went from “message” to “pon pon pon” beat! Thats why u rate a club artist over FELA KUTI!!
7. Ebuka Akara @ebuka_akara:
Fela sang for the people. He fought with the government and demanded a better life for Nigerians through his music. They even killed his mom
8. Osas Cruz @OsasCruz
Its disrespectful for anyone to compare wizkid to Fela, abeg Wizkid is doing well & We Are Proud of Him but STOP disrespecting Baba Fela
9. Isima @IsimaOdeh
Anybody who says Wizkid is greater than Fela is seeking for attention. Don’t give it to them. Even Wizkid knows that Fela is his great grandfather when it comes to musical greatness. One post however says that Fela”s greatness belongs to the past and that Wizkid is the new King
10. David Emmanuel @UcheTheAfrican:
Yes, Fela inspired & made this path available for Wizkid. But, today and right now, Wizkid is greater & more accepted. Success is a ladder
Fela Anikulapo Kuti, also professionally known as Fela Kuti and simply Fela, was a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, musician, composer, pioneer of the Afrobeat music genre, human rights activist, and political maverick. He died in 1997 at 58.

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