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Thursday, 16 November 2017

THE SUPERNATURALS : written by francis oboh

                                               ABOUT THE AUTHOR:
francis oboh is a coder ,a blogger, who simply moved on from his seniour auxiliary school,and through his sitting tight for admisssion into the college he chose to compose a story which individuals would truly cherish in light of the fact that he likewise has the ability of composing stories as well

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Bony---the girl
Vandersal---Bonny’s father
Alice---Bonny’s mother
Sarah---Bonny’s friend
Lora---Bonny’s friend
Diana---Bonny’s aunt; Alice’s sister
Rose---Bonny’s aunt; Alice’s sister
Zillah—Bonny’s aunt; Alice’s sister
Kat---Bonny’s aunt; Alice’s sister
Mary—Alice’s mother bony grand mother
James--- the witch’s messenger
Maven---- Kats friend
Fame---Rose’s friend
Barry--- the vampire’s messenger
Nathan--- the vampire
Damon—Edward brother
Caroline--- Edward and Damon’s lover
Mason--- the vampire
Cisco--- head of vampire army
Edward--- bonus man
Patrick--- Edward father
Marian--- Edwards’s mother
Sari--- Damon’s friend
Mr. raven--- the principal
Jake--- Diana’s man
Marvin--- Diana’s son
Mitchell--- Bonny’s friend
Uncompleted circle:  (members) Elena, Jessica, Monica, Stephanie.
Jacob--- Bonny’s friend
Samson- Edwards’s friend
Part 1 (Savior)
Act 1—bony begins high school
Act 2—Alice’s death
Act 3--- The truth is revealed
Act 4--- formation of the circle
Act 5--- Diana’s pregnancy
Act 6--- sisters destroyed
Act 7--- made up minds

      There are times we rely on either our family or friends but at the end, get bumped on the face.
        This interesting play of tragic-comedy centers on a girl, Bonny, a girl from the linage of witches.
            Alice, the mother of Bonny and wife of Vandersal, she tries her best to live a normal life with her family, she does all she could, she sacrificed her contact with her family just to be with the love of her life, Vandersal, she hides the identity of Bonny for several years, though her heart was hurt living a one man life.
            Vandersal, a successful human, works in a fire station but was fired, he hate his family associated with supernatural’s, he loved his family, he worked hard to make his wife feel comfortable and think less of her past life.
Caroline is a blood sucking monster, vampire, aged 1000, her goal is to be the strongest vampire therefore hunting witches, she is a player whom uses her beauty as a way of making men do her tasks which results to creation of vampires, she has been hunted by a league, the vampire army, for the past 800 years, she runs from places to places killing witches and creating vampires.
Mary, Diana, Zillah, Rose, Kat, these are the family of Alice, seeking for their sister and blames Vandersal for their sisters disappearance.


Dark clouds were forming in the sky it looked as though lightning followed by rolls of thunder. The sound was frightening, bony looks at the window
Scene 1
Bony- mom, the rain is much do I really need to go to school
Alice- baby you need to go, I bought you a car, and you have your rain coats
Bony- (frowns) but mum!
Alice- but what? Get to the car (brings out $20 from her pocket) take this
Bony- only 20 mom?
Alice- you know, your dad was fired from his work last week, we have to manage
Bony- ok mom, thanks (walks to the car outside the garage)
Alice- (shouts) bony drive slowly!
Bony- (shouts) thanks mom, greet dad for me
Alice- (shouts) I love you!
Scene 2
            BACK IN SCHOOL
Bony- good day
Sarah- good day, what’s your name?
Bony- I am bony, from Africa
Sarah- wow, so what grade are you?
Bony- 1stgrade, am graduating this year
Sarah- me too, I guess sit mates?
Bony- yeah thanks
Sarah- (walks to the class with bony)
Bony- good day sir
Teacher- good day, what’s your name?
Bony- bony
Teacher- you can sit
Bony- thanks
Scene 3

     BACK IN COURT VILLE (bony home)
Vandersal- honey, I need some coffee
Alice- ok honey, but I want to ask a question
Vandersal- yes darling?
Alice- since, are unemployed, maybe you can work for my boss he needs a secretary
Vandersal- no!! Honey, everything will be alright
Alice- alright? How? We are running out of cash my salary isn’t going to go for everyone (hears a knock at the door) come in?
Bony- mummy something happened in class today
Alice- what?
Bony- I was just there and my pen floated, I don’t know what happened
Alice- cool down
Bony- Alice! My head, mum what’s happening?
Alice- you are just imagining (gives bonny a drink)
Bony- (drank and fell asleep)
Alice- honey should I tell her?
Vandersal- no! I married you, to live a normal life, just tell her it was all a dream ok?
Alice- ok! (Frowns) I can’t hide this forever, she suppose to know who she is
Vandersal- honey just let her live her normal life while she still can
Alice- ok!
Scene 4
Bony- mom what just happened?
Alice- honey you were sleeping for long time, you even slept very long, maybe you were dreaming of you being a witch, or a mother, or even angels (laughs)
Bony- yeah, I was dreaming I was a witch
Alice- honey witches don’t exist
Bony- yeah, it was a dream, I dreamt I hurt you
Alice- no! You can never hurt your mother right?
Bony- what if am a witch? What if I hurt you? What if my dream comes true?
Alice- it can’t happen, you will always be a human, and supernaturals don’t exist
Bony- mom, I want to visit your sisters
Alice- I told you, don’t talk about them
Bony- mom why? Is there something your hiding from me? Why?
Alice- I left them we were sisters bound together you won’t understand, I loved your father, I had to be like him, I separated from them
Bony- like? You can’t leave each other?
Alice- yeah
Bony- it was like a secret circle?
Alice- no, witches don’t exist
Bony- mom I want to rest
Alice- ok (walks out of the room)
Bony- (carries her laptop, opened Google) I believe there is something mother isn’t telling me, my pen floated it wasn’t a dream not at all searches
Floating things and sister bound
Witches found 2013(
Witches book store (
Floating spell (

Bony- (taps on
      Spells---- floating- Asarabacca
     Pushing---- abracadabra
     Flying--- soridichiba

Bony- (carries her pillow) Asarabacca, (nothing happened) Asarabacca (nothing happens)
Alice- (peeps at Bonny’s room and heard the spell)
Bony- (saw her mom) mom come
Alice- (walks through)
Bonny- mom say with me? (Holds her moms hand)
Alice- what are you doing am going
Bony- mom say Asarabacca with me
Alice- is that a spell or what?
Bony- so you know about spells
Alice- no!
Bony- then say with me
Alice- ok
Bony and Alice- asara, (Alice stops)
Bony- mom say it!
Alice- (soliloquies) is this not a spell for destruction, this room will fall apart
Bony- mom!?
Alice- ok, ok
Bony and Alice- Asarabacca (suddenly room vibrates)
Bony- mom! (Shouts) what’s happening?
Alice- an earthquake
Bony- but the spell didn’t work, it didn’t float
Alice- let’s run out I told you witches don’t exist (runs out)
Bony- mom, why was it only my room
Alice- sometimes earthquakes happens in only a place
Bony- ok
Alice- I will be off to bed
Bony- were will I sleep?
Alice- ok, come with me

Light fades

part 2 : alice's death

 Image result for A VAMPIRE BITING A WOMAN

Morning rises, night falls, it was a much clouded day, the dark days of the year, bony already left to school
Scene 1
Alice- who is that?
Caroline- (runs)
Alice- Vandersal?
Caroline- (runs towards Alice)
Alice- machinedia (light turned on)
Caroline- I just need your blood
Alice- zarachidiedie (Caroline falls down) you
Mason- (runs towards Alice and bite her neck till her blood runs all from her body) what a fresh blood
Caroline- she was a witch
Mason- yeah, she is the second witch we have killed
Caroline- yeah I will take the blood to make me (laughs loudly)
Mason- (runs and carries Vandersal)
Vandersal- no! My wife
Caroline- he is a human (runs and bites his neck and gave him her venom)
Mason- you turned him!!
Vandersal- what is happening to me, I what blood (runs and sucks Alice’s blood) my wife, no!!!
Caroline- you’re a vampire, you have to run to a far place if not the other witches will trace you
Vandersal- you are not the owner of me, I have a daughter
Mason- (laughs)
Vandersal- what will I say am frustrated you monsters
Caroline- tell them she was bitten by an animal beside isn’t it true
Vandersal- does the witches know you exist?
Caroline- yeah, they hate vampires, so we hate them, they will kill you once they see you, they have a vision that dictates our presence
Vandersal- so my daughter?
Caroline- your daughter, has she bounded?
Vandersal- no, she don’t know her powers
Mason- I can kill her?
Caroline- not the time
Vandersal- don’t, not my daughter, you can’t hurt her, and I don’t want to kill her
Caroline- you are a new vampire so yes come with us?
Mason- ok (they ran to a cemetery)
Nathan- (runs out) look who joined us
Vandersal- I want to control my power
Mason- so?
Vandersal- a human is close, (runs to the human and bites him and he got dead) who am I? What am I turning to?
Mason- a vampire
Vandersal- no!!! I can’t see my daughter?
Caroline- (runs and brings a human)
Vandersal- (runs) I want more blood
Human- (crying) what are you, please don’t hurt me, please
Vandersal- (runs to the human Caroline pushes him)
Caroline- control your taste, think he is your daughter
Vandersal- I can’t (runs to the human)
Mason- (pushes him)
Vandersal- (tries running to the human again)
Mason- (holds him)
Caroline- control!!!
Vandersal- I want blood, I want
Caroline- (bites the human and shows to his face)
Vandersal- (sighs) I can do this!
Caroline- leave him
Mason- ok! (He lets Vandersal)
Vandersal- (runs to the human you are bony, you are. Runs home)
Scene 2
    Back in swell Ville
Mary- no!!! Alice is dead
Zillah- no!!
                 They got a vision
Zillah- we need to get bony
Mary- yes
Diana- but what of her father?
Mary- Alice was killed by a vampire
Zillah- we need revenge
Mary- no let this go, it was Alice’s fault, and our circle isn’t complete so leave that
Diana- if we take bony she can complete the circle
Mary- yes, but we have to teach her lot of things
Zillah- yes mom, but our circle needs to be complete if not the vampires can hurt us anytime
Mary- yes, so Diana and Zillah go to court Ville, and take bony before night falls.
Scene 3
Zillah and Diana arrives at court Ville, they say bony on their way
Zillah- hey bony
Bony- who are you?
Zillah- we are your aunt’s, your mom is dead?
Bony- (crying) yeah, they called me in school, I heard animals killed her
Zillah- (laughs) animals?
Bony- (opens the door and Vandersal saw her aunt’s)
Diana- (got a vision, whispers to Zillah) Vandersal is a vampire
Vandersal- (heard it)
Zillah- (takes a knife)
Bony- aunt so how is my granny?
Diana- azaraba (Vandersal falls)
Bony- you’re a witch?
Diana- didn’t your mom tell you? Your father is a vampire, he killed your mother
Zillah- (walks toward Vandersal with the knife)
Vandersal- they killed her and changed me (runs)
Bony- no! So my mom is a liar
Zillah- bony! You’re a witch
Bony- what’s Asarabacca, it’s a spell?
Diana- yes, a spell for destruction
Bony- but I saw it for gravity spell
Zillah- you tried it?
Bony- yes and my room never remained the same, and mom said it was an earthquake
Zillah- your dad is a blood sucker
Bony- my dad is a good man
Diana- good man that destroyed our circle
Bony- how?

Diana- your dad knew about d witches and d secret circle look at my necklace
Have you seen it before?
Bony- when I was little my mom use to have it but I didn’t see it again
Diana- it was given to everybody in the circle, my sister Alice destroyed the circle by marrying your dad, you are free to marry but your evil father told her to leave the circle and destroy her pendant, that is that necklace, if she didn’t he wouldn’t marry her, so she destroyed it.
Bony- but if you destroy the pendant will you still be a witch?
Zillah- yes of cause you will, but not strong, if Alice was in a circle when you said that spell it wouldn’t had destroy your room but the whole of court Ville
Bony- what the fuck!
Zillah- our circle is destroyed, if your mom was still in the circle she would had killed the vampires in a blink of an eye
Diana- and now we are unsecured and weak, the vampires can kill us anytime
Bony- so why didn’t my dad kill you?
Zillah- because he was afraid, we were unsecured but he never knew
Bony- wow, so my dad is an immortal
Zillah- vampires are; fast, immortality, super strength, flies a little, and can’t stay without human blood
Bony- so my dad where is he?
Zillah- he has gone to the vampires
Diana- we are here to take you to swell Ville
Zillah- you have to complete the circle so we will avenge your mother
Bony- am really a witch?
Zillah- yeah
Bony- (suddenly a mark likely tattoos appears on Bonny’s body) what’s the mark, what happening
Zillah- if a witch finds out her power she will start seeing the spirit world and in the spirit world all witches has tattoos
Bony- I can see it on your body’s too
Zillah-now you can see spirits
Diana- wait I forgot, your mom is here
Bony-her spirit?
Zillah- dead witches spirit only stay till their body is rotten and she is still fresh
Alice- my daughter, good day sisters
Bony- mom you lied?
Alice- you have your tattoos?
Bony- (tries holding her hand but can’t)
Zillah- Alice you know your spirit only dwell on the place you died
Alice- yes and I can’t o with you guys to swell Ville
Bony- aunt, we are staying till her spirit leaves
Alice- please, bring me Mary I miss mom
Zillah- mom is angry with you, you left the circle to your death
Bony- mom I miss you already
Diana- we miss you
Alice- where is Vandersal? Where is he?
Zillah- he is gone, he is a vampire
Alice- what?, No!!, You have to get my blood from Caroline
Zillah- what?, We are in danger we have to leave and form our circle
Alice- yes, you are all in danger, bony join the circle
Bony- I want to be with my parents that’s all I wanted
Zillah- but your tattoos are on, you’re now a full witch
Alice- go and form the circle and everything about the dead members will vanish and my blood will go out of existence
Bony- if they have your blood what will?
Alice- if she burns it all dry all the witches connected to me by bound whether now or then will all die
Bony- so if we create the circle?
Zillah- her body will vanish so as her spirit
Bony- no mom I want you
Zillah- we have to go now
Alice- I didn’t tell you because your dad hated witches but he loved me, he never wanted his family to relate with witches
Bony- so? You didn’t tell me?
Alice- am proud of you bony, I love you, Zillah and Diana, I love you all my sister’s, I loved you all, I love mom, greet her for me, now go!
Bony- no! (Cries), am not going any where
Zillah- we have to go and form the circle, she is dead there is nothing we can do
Bony- there must be a spell to bring her back to life
Zillah- there is but she won’t have a heart again, she will be dark, and she will try killing every possible person that her eye sets on, do you want her dead or to become a monster? (Enters the car)
Bony-(shouts) mom I love you! (Walks to the car)
Alice- (shouts) love you too!!!
Light fades

part 3 is coming on the 27\11\2017
part 3: the truth is revealed

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