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Saturday, 9 December 2017

how to create a sub menu in blogger's blog

many people do get confused on creating a submenu on blogger
well this article would explain that
example of a submenu:

how to create a sub menu on blogger

step 1: sign in to blogger

step 2: goto layout

step 4: in the layout, you will find main menu or page, tap edit and this shows

step 5: you can create a new site name, for instance, my site name is NEWS, if I want my submenu to be WORLD NEWS I will name it (_WORLD NEWS) this mark is used for submenu ( _)
move the sub name below  the particular main name you want it to fall under
find it hard to move easy click here
click the down arrow to move down, up use the up arrow, save it and then you're done

check my site for preview

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