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Thursday, 14 December 2017

How to make african (Nigeria) Egusi soup

How to make african (Nigeria) Egusi soup


Some are required while not very many are optional

Meat of decision 2kg (hamburger, chicken turkey, goat meat, or grouped meat)

Grouped meat is a blend of various parts of a cow

4 measures of egusi (melon)

Dry fish (around two medium sizes)

1 measure of ground crawfish

1 measure of Ground Osu (discretionary)

a decent amount of washed bitterlaef

3 3D shapes of knorr, maggi or other normal sweetener

250ml of palm oil

Around 2 liters of water

Salt and pepper to taste.

One medium size Stock fish head (okporoko) (discretionary)

Ogiri or dawadawa or opkei (neighborhood fixings) discretionary

                   HOW TO COOK EGUSI SOUP

Grind the four measures of egusi with a dry blender or hand pounding machine and put aside in a bowl. Include about some water to it and mix to make a thick paste

Be convinced that the bitterleaf (onugbu) is thoroughly washed, it is ok to remove over 95 percent of the unpleasant taste, this procedure is known to most Nigerians, it includes washing and crushing the bitter leaves for a few minutes in a major bowl. 

If you purchased the  washed bitterlaef from the market it effectively, delightful! it is ok to boil alone for about ten minutes, this would additionally remove the bitter taste and fill different needs. 

Parboil your preferred meat with all the necessary ingredients, it is ok to parboil meat with some ingredients before adding to the real food, this enhances the essence of the meat. Parboil for about ten minutes, at that point pour water and cook till the meat is delicate and the stock (water) is going to dry. Use two cube  of knorr, one spoon of glory beef spice flavor (discretionary), a teaspoon of salt and some cut onions. 

Soak the dry fish and stock fish in a bowl with high hot water and wash altogether to remove sand and focus bone, at that point put aside. Tear open the head of stock fish and wash. 

Here is the real making of Nigerian egusi soup with bitterleaf. 

Set your cooking pot on fire and add 250ml of palm oil (red oil), allow to warm for a minutes however don't allow to fade. Add the egusi paste and continue stirring for about eight to ten minutes tcrumbs seed-like crumbs.

At that point transfer the  cooked meat into the pot, blend, add the washed dry fish, stock fish, ground crawfish, two cubes  of maggi or knorr, some water. at that point cover midway and allow to boil for about  ten to fifteen minutes.

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